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Caravan Electrical Solutions

Caravan Electrical Solutions

Wiring Procurement and Warranty Solutions for the Caravan Industry


The CES concept was designed and developed to assist caravan manufacturers in all areas of the wiring, procurement of materials and the warranty of caravans. All the CES caravans are supplied with an electrical certificate stating that the caravan has been formerly tested by an ‘A’ grade electrician.



The Four Stage Process:

1 )  Manufacturer contacts CES and supplies a floor plan of the van. CES then assembles all the material for the project as per the requirements of the manufacturer.

2 ) Rough In Stage: CES staff rough in the van at frame stage

3) Fit Off Stage: Following the aluminium being fitted, the van is fit off with the electrical material listing provided by the manufacturer

4) Testing Stage: A full electrical test is conducted on the van including:
• Installation persistence test
• Polarity test on all power points
• Earth continuity
• Residual current device testing
• Trailer plug and Anderson plug testing
• All 12v circuits and 12v appliance work
• An electrical non-prescribed certificate is supplied with all vans


ka5) Warranty: A 12 month warranty is provided on all vans.