About Us

About ARL

Operating as a one stop shop, Areial provides power points, light switches, automotive, cabling, 240v Cable, lights, tailor lights, antennas, audio packs and many more accessories. The company is now moving into the heart of the caravan industry- Campbellfield. The move and change of name ‘ARL distributors’ signifies our commitment to the caravan industry.

Continual development of products and ideas gave way to the creation of Caravan Electrical Solutions.


Our History

Areial industries was incorporated in 1993 and concentrates on electronics and the automotive industry, dealing with many of the major companies in the industry such as Tyco, Burton cables and Ford. A shift in 2000 saw the business move into the electrical wholesale business. Importing a range of electrical products gave Areial’s customers a genuine alternative to the major brands on the market at that time.

As the range of products increased and customers grew, a new opportunity arose in the caravan industry.