About Us

About ARL

ARL Distributors operates as a one stop shop to the OEM Caravan industry. Whilst supplying commodity items such as power points, light switches, 12v and 240v cable, batteries, lights and trailer lights, ARL’s UNIQUE offering is to design products that assist the manufacturing process to ensure compliance and reduce manufacturing Labour costs that are present in a labour intensive industry. Products such as the 12 Pin Trailer Loom with integrated TrailSafe and the RCD/Inlet switch board enclosure are some examples of this.

ARL has a very close working relationship with its’ sister company Caravan Electrical Solution (CES). This relationship allows ARL to promote a fully integrated 12v and 240v solution to the caravan industry. From design/plan stage to product procurement, full looming, technical assistance, and final customer support, ARL really offers a unique alternative in the OEM caravan industry.

Our History

Areial Industries was incorporated in 1993 and worked in the electronics and the automotive industry, dealing with many of the major companies in the industry such as Tyco, Burton cables and Ford. A shift in 2000 saw the business move into the electrical wholesale business. Importing a range of electrical products from Asia gave Areial’s customers a genuine alternative to the major brands on the market at that time. Areial promoted a mobile wholesale concept that supported distribution to around 200 contractors around the state of Victoria. As the range of products increased and customers grew, a new opportunity arose in the caravan industry. In 2005 the number of caravan customers began to grow and the company began to increase its focus on the industry, adding significantly more products and resources. The commitment to the industry saw the company move to the caravan manufacturing heart land of Campbellfield in 2010. Since the move and its full commitment to the R.V industry saw Areial change its’ name to ARL distribution. The new branding, product range and product development now sees ARL servicing the R.V industry, not only in Campbellfield, but the whole of the country through a committed sales and support team.